Does this initiative increase funding for teacher salaries?

This initiative raises money that would go toward teacher salaries and all areas of school district budget. The Fiscal Impact Statement provides details on the distribution:

Education spending requirements. Beginning in FY 2019-20 and until a new public school finance law that meets certain criteria is enacted by the General Assembly, money in the fund must be used to:

  • increase the statewide base per pupil funding for P-12 public education to $7,300;
  • increase state funding for the following programs by at least the following specified amounts over FY 2018-19 levels:
    • " special education by $120 million;
    • " gifted and talented programs by $10 million;
    • " English language proficiency programs by $20 million; and
    • " preschool funding by $10 million;

The above increases are to be adjusted for inflation each year beginning in FY 2020-21.

In addition, the measure expands the number of kindergarten and at-risk students that receive funding through the state's P-12 funding formula. Specifically, the measure requires that:

  • at-risk funding include students qualifying for reduced price lunch; and
  • full day kindergarten funding be increased from 0.58 percent to 1.0 per full time equivalent student.
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