Editorial: Our kids are worth it

Endorsement from the Craig Press

New tax proposals should always be considered through the lens of skepticism.

We are convinced that — so far as is possible — individuals and businesses should keep the fruits of their labor, and taxation, by its definition, belies that principal, taking money from the pockets of those who earned it and diverting that money to uses individual earners may or may not support.

But, at the same time, we recognize we are social creatures; our very survival depends upon how well we can work together, and individual well-being is generally enhanced by ensuring the collective good.

The bottom line is, there are some necessities we can accomplish only through a group effort, and educating our children is among those necessities.

So, while it is prudent to relentlessly question and vet any new tax proposal, it is equally prudent to enact taxes that work to elevate us all.

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