Rocky Mountain Farmers Union supports Amendment 73

From the Journal-Advocate

"This is an economic development strategy we've never seen in this state," Miles said, explaining this money will help schools be able to hire more people again, when they've been cutting for years, and those people will do business in the community. Plus, by providing competitive wages school employees will be able to purchase more goods and services in the community.

Amendment 73 will provide $3.7 million annually for RE-1 Valley, $0.6 million for Merino, $0.5 million for Fleming and $0.4 million for Peetz. To raise that same amount of funding those districts would have to pass mill levy overrides of 18.2 mills (last year RE-1 asked for 2 mills), 26.1 mills, 11.9 mills and 6.8 mills respectively.

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