SENTINEL ENDORSEMENT: Don’t fall for false arguments against Amendment 73 — it’s a fair, realistic way to fund needy schools

Endorsement from the Aurora Sentinel:

The argument proponents are making for Amendment 73 — raising taxes for schools — is about improving a deficient public education system. The argument critics are making against the measure are glaring red herrings.

Don’t be fooled by specious arguments that voting for a measure that raises taxes only on the state’s wealthier and wealthiest residents has anything to do with firefighters and library districts. It’s a ruse.

There are numerous politicians and pundits who are proud that Colorado chronically spends less on public education than almost any other state in the nation. It’s unsurprising they would either be confused by or congenitally opposed to a measure that raises corporate and some income taxes to boost school spending.

The embarrassment of how we mishandle public education in Colorado has long been the dark side of this sunny state. For years, actually decades, state lawmakers have been unwilling or unable to adequately fund our public schools.

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