Vote yes on 73

Endorsement from the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

If you're tired of seeing your tax dollars go to Denver, only to see a portion of them return to this community, Amendment 73 is for you. We're big on this education funding measure for the simple fact that it will generate millions in extra funding for area public schools and reduce property taxes at the same time. That's a win for this part of the state.

Amendment 73 fits squarely within the Sentinel editorial board's view that the state must do better at shifting resources to the rural areas of the state that aren't booming. Despite having one of the best economies in the country, per-student funding in Colorado trails the national average by about $2,800 per student.

Amendment 73 would eat into that differential by shifting the tax burden to those in a better position to afford it. It would establish progressive income tax so that the state's wealthiest earners — about 8 percent of tax filers statewide — would pay more. But some of that increase would be offset by property tax relief. (Check out the Amendment 73 Impact calculator at

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